Biblical Truths for Getting the Most Out of Yourself and Those Around You


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  • Scott Donohoe Scott Donohoe
    Financial Professional

    "Bill Purvis Leadership has helped me to make better decisions and has helped me to be a better leader with my family and among my friends."

  • Chris Patchin Chris Patchin
    Owner of One12 Apparel

    "By taking these practices, our business has seen an impact in just the past year."

  • Scott Dykes Scott Dykes
    Owner Superior Roofing

    "I use Bill Purvis Leadership as a life coach. Using his lessons that he gives enables me to be a better boss to my employees."

Bill Purvis Leadership

"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been." -Dr. Bill Purvis (1974)

Bill Purvis Leadership is a monthly mentoring program for those unique people with a serious passion to grow and reach goals in life. Life gives us honest feedback based on our efforts, choices and strategies of the past. A better life and better results are possible, but most people won’t make the effort to improve. They would rather make excuses, complain about their situation, or envy those living the life they want.

By implementing the Biblical truths contained in each Bill Purvis Leadership lesson, you will experience growth on a personal, professional and spiritual level that only God could have planned. Begin the journey to reaching your full potential today.

Featured Sample Lesson:

Unleashing the Power of Personal Growth

Unleashing the Power of Personal Growth

In this lesson Dr. Purvis talks about the importance of embarking on a committed, continual personal growth journey.

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Mentoring Minute

Mentoring Minute

Start your personal growth plan with the Mentoring Minute. For complete lessons and coaching tips check out the Bill Purvis Leadership program.


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Pray For Your Pastor

So many times we imagine that our pastors lead picture-perfect lives…that things always go their way, nothing bad ever happens, and most importantly, that there is nothing they could ever need from us. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Hear first-hand the truth behind the stained-glass and come to a greater understanding of why your pastor needs your prayers.
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